The Gate is Open

You can’t decide if your great idea should be a movie, a book or a T-shirt?

You’ve been intending to write but can’t get started?

You were passionate about your creation four years ago, but then..?

Everybody loves your work but you’re uncomfortable sharing it in public?

The Gate is Open Creativity Coaching with S. Pearl Sharp
Private consultation and coaching for your creative intention.  
I bring 50+ years in the creative industry to your project.

“Ms. Sharp makes appropriate changes and suggestions without changing the essence of the piece. If you are looking for an honest, fair and nonsensical editor, Ms. Pearl is your woman!”
   -–Yana Bille, Producer-Director, eM1 Productions

Writing, filmmaking, event planning ,product development, ritual, performance, and other verbal or hands-on creative endeavors
  • Private and confidential consultation about your project with verbal and written feedback.
  • Brief phone chats to move the project forward. 
  • Insight on discovering and developing your creative process.
  • Information on relevant events, research tools, and resources.
  • Private coaching on presenting your work to the public.
  • Packages to assist you in making a time commitment to your possibilities.

Each creative mind is unique, so your The Gate Is Open package is based on
your project’s
current status and your creative goals.  Fees are established in advance.  Minimum $125.   Credit cards accepted.

             Sometimes to get to the light you have to type in the dark.
                                                                                                          S. Pearl Sharp