Creative Chronology

The Evening News – Essays And Commentaries From NPR And Other Clouds > non-fiction

That’s Cold Blooded – A Tribute To Bobby Zeno   >  KPFK-FM Pacifica Radio-Los Angeles

Uncertain Rituals  >   short stories CD

“Sojourner Goes To The Movies”  >  series for Sojourner Truth, KPFK-FM Pacifica Radio Network

Life Is A Saxophone 28th Anniversary Edition  >   documentary film, DVD release

Stunningly Beautiful Black Girl  >   Biographical performance essay, commissioned by the Richard Allen Center for Cultural the Arts, NYC

Evolve   >  Dance suite by Pat Taylor’s Jazz Antiqua Dance & Music Ensemble set to the essay, “Pieces.”  

Channeled >   Premiere of solo dance set to the poem “Channeled”

Back Inside Herself -2009 Re-Mix  >  video re-mix

Higher Ground   >   poetry w/jazz CD

 Typing In The Dark   >  poetry performance with dancer 2008-2013

Black Women For Beginners  >   re-issued (4th printing), For Beginners LLC

Little Rock 9   >  
Radio drama broadcast live, for Destination Freedom: Black Radio Days

“A Conversation with Ruby Dee”   > Some Of Us Are Brave  KPFK-FM, Pacifica Radio L.A.

The 2006-07 Poet Laureate of Los Angeles’ Watts Towers Arts Center, City of Los Angeles  

Some Of Us Are Brave  >  Shared hosting of a woman centered weekly radio program, 2006-2007   SOUAB Collective, KPFK-FM, Pacifica Radio, L.A.

NPR’s News and Notes and Michele Martin’s Tell Me More    Contributing commentator and essayist, 2005-2009

 Fertile Ground: Stories From The Watts Towers Arts Center   > documentary for City of Los Angeles, CH 35 

The Healing Passage/Voices From The Water   > feature documentary

NPR’s The Tavis Smiley Show   >  Contributing commentator, 2003-05

Spirits Of The Ancestors >  video, Watts Towers Arts Center, City of Los Angeles

There’s A Brown Girl In The Ring  by Beah Richards, with S. Pearl Sharp   > stage

 Included in the print anthologies & journals, 2000 – 2016 (partial list):
Coiled Serpent: Poets Arising…Los Angeles, Revolutionary Poets Brigade-Los Angeles, Gendered Resistance: Women, Slavery and the Legacy of Margaret Garner,  The Bamboo Muse: art.prose.poetry by Alonzo Davis, The Black Body,   Let Loose On The World: Celebrating Amiri Baraka at 75,  Voices From Leimert Park.,  Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number: Black Women Explore Midlife, Beyond The Frontier: African-American Poetry for the 21st Century,  tenderheaded: Comb-Bending Hair Stories,  Voices Along the River, Black Masks,  The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature, 8th,  9th  and 10th editions; Poetry: An Introduction, 5th, ,6th and 7th editions.  

* from Saundra P. to S. Pearl  *

Central Avenue Live!   > documentary, City of  Los Angeles, CH 35 

 Dearly Beloved   >  one-act, premiere

It’s O.K. To Peek – GYN Self-Exam   >  video

LA to L.A. (Louisiana to Los Angeles)   >  documentary, City of Los Angeles CH 35

Black Women For Beginners   >  non-fiction, Writers & Readers

On The Sharp Side   > poetry w/jazz CD  

LA to L.A.  > documentary,  City of Los Angeles, CH 35

Typing In The Dark  > 4th poetry collection, Harlem River Press  

Soft Song > re-issued, Harlem River Press

Mixed Media Poems   >  performance of poetry with musicians, dancer and the work of visual artists, 1991-1996

Senior Editor, Juneteenth Audio Books/Time-Warner, 1991-94.

The Sistuhs  >  stage script published

Published the Black History Film List: 150 Films and Where To Find Them   

Picking Tribes  >  semi-animated short film  

Black Film Review Magazine  >  Assoc. Editor, Writer, 1987 – 1991. 

Life Is A Saxophone  > documentary on poet Kamau Daáood  

Back Inside Herself   > short poetry film    

1980 – 1983
A Sharp Show   >  film production company formed

History of Blacks in Film Exhibition Catalog   >  Co-writer, Co-Editor with Dr. Henry Sampson, City of Los Angeles

Media Matters   >  newsletter of the Black Anti-Defamation Coalition; 1981-84

Lead-In   >  video interviews for BET

Published the 1980 Directory of Black Film/TV Technicians, West Coast   (industry resource publication)

Black Anti-Defamation Coalition formed

Hollow Image   >  (starring in) TV movie premieres on ABC-TV

Soft Song   >  3rd poetry collection   

Publish Blood Lines by Robert Earl Price > short stories & poetry  


Minstrel Man >  (starring in)  TV movie premieres on CBS-TV

The Sistuhs   >  stage premiere, Los Angeles and Oakland, CA  

Poets Pay Rent, Too is formed

In The Midst of Change   2nd poetry collection   

Togetherness Productions, literary arts company, formed

Included in the print anthologies & journals, 1970s, 80s, 90s (partial list):
Drumming Between Us,  Spirit & Flame, I Hear A Symphony: African-Americans Celebrate Love,  A Rock Against The Wind,  Skin Deep: Women Writing on Color, Culture and Identity,  We Who Believe In Freedom: Sweet Honey In The Rock,    Erotique Noir,  Double Stitch: Black Women Write About Mothers and Daughters,   Say That The River Turns: The Impact of Gwendolyn Brooks, The Magic of Black Poetry, We Speak As Liberators, Los Angeles Times , Black Film Review,   Essence, HealthQuest, Crisis, Black Masks, Black Creation,  Encore.