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Higher Ground CD

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S. Pearl performs 14 new cuts, backed by pianist Lanny Hartley, bassist Edwin Livingston, guitarist Val Ewell, Derf Reklaw on percussion and flutes, Amos Delone Jr. on saxophone and flute, and 12-year-old drummer Mekala Session in his recording debut. Johan Beckles and “Rise” radio host Mark Maxwell are also on the mike, and esteemed sculptor and philosopher John Outterbridge joins voices with S. Pearl on a poem suite.

Produced by S. Pearl Sharp and Mark Maxwell. Engineered by Corey Mooney. Recorded at Private Island Trax in Los Angeles, November, 2007. Released by Poets Pay Rent, Too, 2008

Listen to clips — click In Your Ear on this web site
Watch: www.YouTube.com/aSharpShow

“S. Pearl’s ‘Breathe Through Your Heart’ was just fun!”
–Eric Thomas, reviewing JazzAntiqua Dance Ensemble’s concert, Nov 14, 2010  www.facebook.com/PapaRicky

“‘Higher Ground’ brings us into that ‘get up, get down’ sacred ground, called ‘deep thought’, called spirit sound ground, called ‘healin’/​talkin’ blues ground.”
–Nana Camille Yarbrough, Iron Pot Cooker and host of cable TV’s Ancestor House

“A great album of righteous jazz and poetry ….sometimes fierce and sometimes gentle.”
–Dusty Groove Records

“The words are truth and the jazz is like honey to red clover tea.”
–Truth Theory, Mic heck

“A very well constructed piece of art. You guys put your foot in it, you put your notes in it, you put your words in it.”
–A. K. Toney, host, The Reading Is Poetry Review
Listen to the interview at blogtalkradio.com

S. Pearl has collaborated with vocalist Dwight Trible, bassists Bob Cunningham, Nedra Wheeler and Roberto Miguel Miranda, the Nate Morgan Quintet, the Judicanti Responsura chamber music ensemble, dancers Nailah-Lee Randall and Vana Carter Theiro, digital media artist Kate Johnson, and Pat Taylor’s JazzAntiqua Dance & Music Ensemble

Mark Maxwell hosts, since 1998, the weekly jazz program “Rise” on Pacifica Radio’s KPFK-FM. Both mixing music and making it, he co-founded the ensemble Biafra in the early 90’s, and is a member of Build An Ark music ensemble, which has released two CDs. Mark lectures on jazz and “free jazz” in particular.