In Your Ear

Selected essays, commentaries and interviews written and recorded by S.Pearl:

Selected Essays

Bird Man

      1. NPR News and Notes 5-25-07

Visiting Harriet Tubman\’s Grave

      2. NPR News and Notes 3-17-06

In Search of Suet

      3. NPR News and Notes 11-23-06

The Art of Conflict Resolution
NPR News and Notes 6-9-06

Selected Commentaries

Surviving The Storm

      4. NPR News and Notes 9-16-08

Information Schizophrenia
NPR: Tell Me More 7-25-07

Putting The History Into Black History
NPR: News and Notes 2-28-07

The Pearl Props
NPR: News and Notes 11-7-06

Osama Wins

      5. NPR: Tavis Smiley Show 3-29-04

Under God

      6. NPR: Tavis Smiley Show 1-14-04

A Personal Peace

      7. NPR: Tavis Smiley Show 12-18-03

A Visit With Rosa Parks

      8. NPR: News and Notes 11-3-05

Seedless Watermelon

      9. NPR: Tavis Smiley Show 10-15-03

Other Radio Programs

      10. Ruby Dee Speaks on Love

      11. Healers Who Healed Themselves First

Poetry w/jazz CD


Higher Ground

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Poets Pay Rent, Too, 2008 CD and Digital

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