The Gate is Open

You can’t decide if your great idea should be a movie, a book or a T-shirt?

There’s something you want to write but can’t get started?

You were passionate about your creation four years ago, but then . . .?

Everybody loves your work but you’re uncomfortable sharing it in public?

The Gate Is Open

The  Gate is  Open

Private consultation and coaching for your creative projects and process with veteran
writer-actress-filmmaker-producer S. Pearl Sharp

“S Pearl would not allow me to be mediocre.”
-–Riua Akinshegun, visual artist & writer

“Ms. Sharp brings her critical eye to her work, efficiently making appropriate changes and suggestions without
changing the essence of the piece. If you are looking for an honest, fair and nonsensical editor, Ms. Pearl is your woman!”

-–Yana Bille, Producer-Director, eM1 Productions

Writing, event planning, ritual, performance, product development and other verbal or hands-on creative endeavors
  • Private consultation about your project.  May include a review of up to 25 pages of your manuscript or project proposal.
  • Insight on discovering and developing your creative process.
  • Information on events, research tools, and resources.
  • Private coaching on presenting your work to the public.

Each creative mind is unique, so your The Gate Is Open package is set up based on your project’s
current status and your creative goals.  Fees are established in advance. 
Minimum $100.   Credit cards accepted.

I look forward to working with you. Please call for information or to get started.P

323/ 993-6006 v.m.

Please Enter The Amount Agreed Upon $

Bringing over 50 years of experience to your project, S. Pearl's produced work includes more than a dozen cultural arts documentary films, two non-fiction books, two stage plays, an audio book of short fiction, four volumes of poetry and two poetry w/jazz CDs.  Her essays and commentaries aired on NPR and Pacifica Radio, and she provides literary services through Poets Pay Rent, Too.   Her films have broadcast on The Documentary Channel and PBS, and she is a researcher for producers.   As an actress S. Pearl starred in two TV movies and was the spokeswoman in many commercials.  She is affiliated with two library archive collections, is a  volunteer health advocate, and facilitates community rituals and workshops that connect language and wellness.

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