S. Pearl In The Universe

2018 Manifest your dream in ’18

Sunday, Feb. 18
Los Angeles

Survivor 9 screens at PAFF 9:45 p.m. 
(see Feb 9th )

Sunday, Feb 11
Los Angeles

Survivor 9 screens at PAFF at 3:50 p.m. 
(see Feb 9th )

Friday, Feb 9

Los Angeles


The PAN AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL screens Survivor 9, a new short film by Roy Hurst in which I have a small role.  The world premiere
is Friday, Feb. 9th at 6:30.  The film is grouped with other shorts under the banner “Pan African Shorts.”  www.PAFF.org

FEB 8Engagement with students in the Women’s Leadership Project, founded and directed by Sikivu Hutchinson.   {Private}



The Healing Passage/Voices From The Water screens at the Valencia Park/Malcolm X Branch Library at 6:00 p.m.  Free.  5148 Market St., San Diego 92114.  619/ 527-3405  www.TheHealingPassage-Voices.com


THE EVENING NEWS – Essays And Commentaries From NPR And Other Clouds Print / 40 essays and commentaries.   Available at www.aSharpShow.com

THE GATE IS OPEN – Creativity Coaching with S. Pearl Sharp




Books, DVDs, CDs available at :
Washington, DC :   Sankofa Books and Video 
Dallas, TX: Pan African Book Store
Los Angeles: Eso Won Books
Los Angeles: Beyond Baroque Literary Center
San Bernadino, CA:   Tia Chucha’s Cultural Center & Book Store
and at  www.aSharpShow.com